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What I Can Remember

I was a little hesitant about starting the LifeECHOES process of telling and recording my life stories, but once I felt comfortable it went smoothly and easily. The stories were told randomly, as I remembered them, and in the arranging and editing process, they all were placed in order. My book required considerable editing and I think the result was very good. The finished product is quite handsome. My family and I are very pleased with the result.

Stories from My Life

The book is a unique treasure I am certain will become a family heirloom. It is on display in Ola Jane’s living room and has been seen by many of her friends. She is very proud of it in that it tells the story of a life at a time when Mississippi was just emerging from the frontier.

Memories Shared

I always wanted to write the story of my life so that future generations would know what their ancestors did. The LifeECHOES concept and the support of the staff provided the incentive and technical knowledge I needed to produce a professional lasting memory.

Life Echoes

Life Echoes