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Complete LifeECHOES History Book


Life stories are about your personal, family/ancestral or military history, important events in your life, growing up, or whatever subject you choose. We send everything you need to tell your stories, including a voice recorder and helpful tips. You’ll want to gather photographs and important documents to enhance your stories. After you’re done, return your material to us. We’ll transcribe your stories and create a beautiful heirloom-quality, hardcover book of your stories.

The price includes everything from the beginning of your storytelling efforts to the end of your project: the final delivery of your printed, hardbound book. You can also order extra books for family members or ask for a copy to be placed on CD for sending to your family and friends.


Receive a free version of your LE book in “digital format” (called a Flip Book). The Flip Book is an exact reproduction of your LifeECHOES book compatible with computer and mobile devices that simulates turning pages!

Program 1 Discount!

Receive a 20% discount if you provide LifeECHOES with your book’s text in a Windows or Mac computer-readable format. We accept such programs as MS Word and other word-processing programs.

Life Echoes

Life Echoes